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According to the latest CBM Indicator research results, the two main sparkling wine brands indicated by the respondents are Cin&Cin, which obtained 19% of indications in the unaided recall, and 52% in the aided recall and Dorato with the result of 17% in the unaided recall and 51% in the aided recall. A high score in the unaided recall was also achieved by Sowietskoje Igristoje brand with a score of 17%, and 39% in the aided recall. Carlo Rossi also boasts a good result in the aided recall, with a 44% score. Interestingly, this wine received only 1% of indications in the unaided recall.

Rynki Alkoholowe 12/2018

Poland is the largest vodka producer in the European Union – in 2017 the value of the export of vodka, produced in our country, exceeded EUR 200 million. The total of taxes, which annually supply the domestic spirits industry, amounts to around PLN 12.6 bn. The average annual expenditure of the spirit industry on the purchase of goods and services amounts to nearly PLN 3 billion. This transfers to, for example, agriculture, as up to 50,000 tonnes of potatoes and around 750,000 tonnes of cereals are purchased for production needs. They come mainly from Polish suppliers – 135 companies registered according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. As much as 98% of which are medium, small and micro-enterprises. The industry also has a significant impact on the labour market – about 100,000 jobs directly or indirectly related to it. One industrial job generates 14 more jobs in the supply chain.

Rynki Alkoholowe 12/2018

The results of the survey on consumers’ knowledge and preferences related to the wine consumption reveal the Top 5 most recognizable brands among dry and semi-dry wines. As in previous years, Carlo Rossi, which is the clear leader in both, the unaided recall (26%) and aided recall (67%), was first. Among consumers, it is still the best-known wine.

In terms of the generated sales value of the entire wine group (with categories, such as table wines, sparkling wines and champagnes, dessert wines, vermouths and wine-like beverages), the year 2017 can be considered successful. In comparison with 2016, this group recorded an increase of nearly 10%. In addition to vermouths, all other wine categories included in the above classification are developing well. Dessert wines are significantly different, which, due to new fruit aromatised wine variants supplying the new CEDC portfolio, have increased their sales by 1/3 over the last year.

The fourth edition of Wine Expo Poland in Warsaw is behind us. Guests of the event had the opportunity to taste tipples not currently available on the Polish market. It is possible, however, that this will change soon. Almost everyone came to Wine Expo Poland to find a distributor in our country. This year, the vast majority of exhibitors came from Italy. Why did this happen?

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