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Vodka is responsible for almost 9% of the turnover in stores up to 300 m2. The sale of vodkas in small-format stores is dominated by two companies – CEDC and Stock. In 2017, they were jointly responsible for 75% of the sales value and volume of the category. Throughout 2017, CEDC controlled more than 40% of the sales value of pure vodkas and similar shares in the sales value of flavoured vodkas. In 2017, Stock remained the market leader in the flavoured vodka segment, although it systematically loses shares to CEDC.

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Germany is considered the capital of mulled wine. Every year, approx. 50 million litres of this beverage is consumed there, thus it is a very important part of the German wine market. In German-speaking countries, the consumption of mulled wine remains inextricably linked to numerous Christmas fairs. As  research shows, it is not the purchase of gifts that is the main purpose of visitors – 59% of people declare that they participate in them because of the food and drinks that they can consume there. Mulled wine is the main one.

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Grzaniec Galicyjski, which last year was taken over by Jantoń with also Zbójeckie Grzane in its portfolio, remains the most popular brand for many years – making it the segment leader. In December 2017, it was responsible for nearly 78% of value shares in small-format stores, and its products were available in 80% of stores selling mulled wines. Other important players were Bartex and Mix (achieved 8 and 6% of value shares respectively in the mulled wine market in the analyzed period and the distribution of both of them was definitely narrower – not exceeding 20%). Meads are increasingly popular in Poland. The sold volume of this segment increased by 4% in small format stores in 2017, compared to the same period of the previous year. Approx. 10% of stores selling alcohol in December 2017 had mead on offer, and on average, there were 3 variants of the drink per store. At that time, the customers of small-format stores who wanted to buy this alcohol, mostly put Piastowski trojniak 750 ml of Apis in their baskets (appeared on 14% of transactions with this category) and mead Kurpiowski trojniak 750 ml (appeared on every seventh receipt with the category in question).

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The results of the analysis of the recognition of mulled wine brands indicate that, in previous years, Grzaniec Galicyjski is a decisive leader among them and as its popularity is growing every year. It is recognized by 40% of consumers in the aided recall. However, almost every fifth respondent can indicate it in the unaided recall, where a respondent names a known brand. The Zbójeckie Grzane brand was in the second position, the popularity of which increased also last year. This wine is recognized by every fourth respondent. However, only 8% of consumers can spontaneously indicate them. Two brands of mulled wine ex aequo are third in brand recognition: Grzane Mnicha and Grzane Staropolskie, which is indicted by more or less every fifth consumer in aided recall. However, spontaneous knowledge of these brands constitue just a few percentage points.


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The sale of the bubbly alcoholic beverages in small-format stores is highly concentrated. Ambra (owner of Dorato, Piccolo, Cin&cin or MichelAngelo brands) is the leader in the sale of sparkling wines in small-sized stores, which in 2017, holds nearly 1/3 of the value shares. Other important players in terms of value generated at that time were: Henkell&Co (e.g. Sowietskoje Igristoje, Raffaello and Mionetto Prosecco) and Bartex (e.g Bajkał Igristoje, Mogen David and Jantarskoje Igristoje) – both accounted for about 10% and 9% of the category turnover respectively. Bacardi Martini, the share of which in the sales value was over 6%, has lost its importance.

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