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The sale of the bubbly alcoholic beverages in small-format stores is highly concentrated. Ambra (owner of Dorato, Piccolo, Cin&cin or MichelAngelo brands) is the leader in the sale of sparkling wines in small-sized stores, which in 2017, holds nearly 1/3 of the value shares. Other important players in terms of value generated at that time were: Henkell&Co (e.g. Sowietskoje Igristoje, Raffaello and Mionetto Prosecco) and Bartex (e.g Bajkał Igristoje, Mogen David and Jantarskoje Igristoje) – both accounted for about 10% and 9% of the category turnover respectively. Bacardi Martini, the share of which in the sales value was over 6%, has lost its importance.

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Rynki Alkoholowe 12/2018

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