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CBM Indicator research confirms that vodkas are a category which is very well recognized among other alcohols. In the latest survey, respondents were asked to indicate the essential characteristics of pure and flavoured spirits when choosing a given brand. The results confirm that, as in previous years, the most important factors in the selection of pure and flavoured vodkas is flavour, which is definitely important for 68% of respondents, regardless of a vodka variety.


The second most important feature is quality (64% of responses for pure vodkas and 63% of responses for flavoured vodkas). Attractive price of a product is important for more than half of the respondents. Roughly every fourth respondent admits that purchasing pure or flavoured vodka is connected with being accustomed to a given brand. Whereas every fifth respondent mentions the availability of a given alcohol brand in a store.

Rynki Alkoholowe 10/2018

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