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Small-format stores of up to 300 m2 are the key distribution channel for the sale of vodka. There are, on average, 80 different variants, of which flavoured vodkas constitute less than 60%. As might be expected, their diversity is much greater in supermarkets (about 130 variants). Despite the fact that the market of flavoured vodkas is developing, the pure variants are still much more popular. On average, around 15 customers who buy pure vodka, come to a small-format stores during a day.


Żubrówka Biała 0.5 litre and Żytniówka 0.1 litre are the most frequently purchased vodka variants. The situation is quite different when it comes to flavoured vodkas. Small-format stores are visited by an average of 10 customers a day, who come to a cash register to buy a flavoured vodka – usually 100-ml bottles. The popularity of the smallest bottles has been growing for several years. Most receipts show Cytrynówka Lubelska, but customers often buy Żołądkowa Gorzka or various flavours of Soplica.


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