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Eurocash Group, in co-operation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, decided to create a ranking of the largest vodka producers as per their distribution, price and product strategies applied to small-format stores. So, who treats small shopkeepers and their customers most fairly? The producers specializing in gift vodkas: the Lithuanian Stumbras and the Polish Oak Poland, were given the best marks for equal treatment of different types of stores. Stock, the sales vice-leader, also stood on the podium in Poland.

The final score in the ranking depends on how a producer is judged in terms of prices, distribution, market share, contribution to sales growth and dedicated products. Each of these areas has an appropriate share in the final result: price 20%, distribution 25%, market share 20%, contribution to growth 25% and dedicated products 10%. The number of points given to a producer in the ranking is the weighted average of the results of each of these indicators. The more points, the more balanced the strategy.

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