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Whisky, although a developing category, still comprises a small percentage of alcohol turnover in small-format stores up to 300 m2. In 2017, vodkas generated over 30% of turnover, while every 30th zloty from the pool spent on alcohol, was spent on whisky. In supermarkets, an important channel for whiskey and bourbon, the product appeared on every 50th receipt and accounted for 8% of all alcohol sales in stores.

According to the CMR data, whisky is available in approx. 70% of small-format stores up to 300 m2. The position in a given channel is reflected in the range of the available assortment. In small-format stores up to 300 m2, where whisky has to fight with vodka over a place on a narrow shelf, consumers found an average of nine variants of this spirit on the shelf. Supermarkets have a lot more space for the whisky exposition, with a wide selection of Scottish and Irish whiskies or Bourbon – approx. 30 variants per store on average.

Rynki Alkoholowe 09/2018

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