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Sales of sparkling wines and champagnes in small-format stores are highly concentrated. The leader in sales is unchangably Ambra (owner of Dorato, Piccolo, Cin&Cin and MichelAngelo brands), which in 2018, acquired almost 1/3 of the shares. Other important players in terms of value generated at that time were Henkell & Co. (now Henkell Freixenet) – among other Sowietskoje Igristoje, Raffaello and Mionetto Prosecco, and also Bartex (among other Bajkał Igristoje, Mogen David and Jantarskoje Igristoje) – both accounted for, respectively, approximately 11% and 10% of the category’s turnover. Bacardi Martini, the shares of which in the sales value amounted to over 7%, has gained in importance.

Rynki Alkoholowe 12/2019

It was here that visitors could taste, for the first time, Ice Wine from Romania, the unusual Amarone, unknown (on the Polish market) Serbian wines or choose from among French wines from the Loire Valley. This year’s edition of the international fair Wine Expo Poland welcomed over 80 exhibitors from 14 countries of Europe and South Africa, who presented their flagship wines and novelties not available in the general sales. Producers, importers and distributors established and developed business relations. Several hundred visitors participated in seminars, wine tastings, learning about their history and new flavours as well as gaining new knowledge.

Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2019

Table wines in the entire year 2018 accounted for 50% of the turnover of all wines in small format stores. Dessert wine had a positive impact on the development of the wine category in 2018, which now competes with table wine and takes away its market share. Table wine sales in small format stores are highly fragmented. The majority of shares are held by 3 key producers since 2014. The sales leader is CEDC, the owner of the Carlo Rossi brand, which in 2018 associated nearly 18% of shares in the value of table wine sales. In December 2018, 4 out of 5 small format stores selling table wines had wines of this company in their offer. Slightly lower distribution was achieved by Ambra and Bartex. In the last 12 months, the latter two producers reached, respectively, 10% and 7% of the value shares in the table wine market.

Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2019

The latest results of the survey conducted by CBM Indicator show that Poles like to drink wine. Among the respondents declaring wine consumption in the last 12 months, 76% chose sweet and semi-sweet wines, while exactly half of the respondents chose dry and semi-dry wines. The survey shows that herbal wines are the least popular among wine enthusiasts. Carlo Rossi has been the most recognizable brand among sweet and semi-sweet wines for many years. It has been the dominant and most popular wine brand for several years. As shown by the results of the knowledge test of sweet and semi-sweet wine brands, Carlo Rossi was spontaneously indicated by 23% of consumers, and over 50% of respondents indicated this brand in the assisted recall. The second position is occupied by Kadarka, spontaneously indicated by every fifth person.

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Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2019

A White Paper of the spirit industry was presented during the Economic Forum in Krynica. The document indicates the areas in which producers of spirits are discriminated against – mainly tax law and admissible advertising, promotional and sponsoring campaigns. The document was prepared by Fairfield on behalf of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.
Other issues mentioned in the White Paper cover: doubts regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages over the Internet, practical problems related to regulations regarding the deposit for excise tax, doubts related to proposed changes in the scope of labelling of alcoholic beverages or difficulties related to the practice of using excise bands.

Rynki Alkoholowe 10/2019

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