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The 14th Vodka Tasting organised by the “Rynki Alkoholowe” monthly took place in slightly different circumstances this time. Initially, the competition was scheduled for 22 May. However, the coronavirus pandemic rained on our parade. Remote tasting turned out to be the best solution here. The jury received liquor samples marked only with numbers and each of them individually assessed which product deserved a medal most. They then sent their ratings to our editorial office, where the points awarded were counted. The competition was the greatest in the pure vodka category at a price up to PLN 45 per 0.5 l. Ultimately, the winner was Bulbash 6 (distributor: Partner Center Sp. Z o.o.). An unusual situation occurred in the category of pure vodkas at a price over 45 PLN for 0.5 l, because two products obtained the same score. We had no choice but to award two medals here. They were given to Wódka Longinus 40% (Nalewkarnia Longinus) and Wódka Ziemniaczana Podole Wielkie (Podole Wielkie). Walnut liquor from Nalewkarnia Longinus won the category of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits with a very good score. We also decided to award the second medal in the category of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits. It went to Kazbek Peak Aged 5 Years Brandy (Partner Center Sp. z o.o.). As in the previous year, we also awarded a medal in the Packaging Design category. It was given to a bottle of Nemiroff De Luxe vodka (Coca-Cola HBC Poland). Here, of course, the choice was made “explicitly”, i.e. after the tasting part of the competition and after the disclosure of the competing products.

Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2020

Wines are quite popular among Poles. They account for approx. 5% of the liquor market value sales in small-format shops up to 300 m2. The most common selling brands are: Carlo Rossi, Fresco and Kadarka. Currently, a customer of a small-format store can choose from an average of 30 variants. Poles usually buy one bottle of wine per transaction and spend about PLN 20 on it. These are mostly standard volumes of 750 ml or 1000 ml, which together account for over 97% of the wine sales volume.

Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2020

Vodka is one of the most frequently chosen alcohol by Poles, ranking second on the podium, right behind the beer. On average, every fourth alcohol purchaser in a small-format store up to 300 m2 puts vodka in the basket. As a result, the category generates more than 8% of the turnover of such stores. A customer can choose from an average of almost 90 variants in a small format store. Vodkas in the smallest volumes are most often purchased. Almost half of the customers of small-format stores decide to buy 90/100 ml bottles and approx. 30% of customers buy 200 ml. In total, small bottles generate approx. 45% of the sales volume. The most popular variants of vodka in small bottles belong to such brands as: Żubrówka Biała, Żytniówka Czysta, Żubr Strong or Cytrynówka Lubelska. In the case of larger volumes, 0.5-litre bottles are most often bought by about 1/5 of customers going to small format shops for this product. The most popular larger bottle variant among Poles is Żubrówka Biała 500 ml, responsible for as much as approx. 14% of the category’s sales volume.


Rynki Alkoholowe 10/2020

Analyses of the most recent surveys show that almost half of the Poles surveyed declared that they had consumed pure vodkas over the past month. On the other hand, the consumption of flavoured vodkas at that time was confirmed by 38% of the respondents. The most popular brand of pure vodkas is Finland, indicated by 27% of consumers. It is also the brand that consumers are most willing to recommend to others (more than 1/3 of indications). The preferences of flavoured vodka consumers are similar. The most popular brands are Soplica (26%) and Finland (22%). On the other hand, Finland is the most recommended brand, chosen by 32% of respondents. Soplica is in second place with 24%.

Rynki Alkoholowe 10/2020

The category of whisky and bourbon in small-format stores up to 300 m2 accounts for about 0.3% of all alcohol sales by volume. Due to fairly high average prices for packaging (compared to, for example, vodka), it generates approx. 3% of the sales value. The best seller is invariably the 700 ml packaging (about 50% of whisky transactions). The 200-ml packaging has also been gaining in importance since 2018. The largest share by value in the sale of whisky and bourbon is recorded by Pernod Ricard. The most important of its brands, Ballantine’s, is also the best-selling brand among whisky and bourbons both in terms of sales value and number of transactions. The second most purchased brand is Jack Daniel’s from Brown-Forman. Pernod Ricard also leads the competition with the widest range of products – in the first half of 2020, they offered about 3.5 variants per store, other manufacturers offer about 2 variants.

Rynki Alkoholowe 9/2020

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