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There is a progress on the classification of fermented products in the Combined Nomenclature! This is currently the biggest problem in the wine industry, on which the members of the Polish Council of Viticulture have been focused for two years. In Poland, over 99% of wine production includes fermented products, such as, among others, fruit wines, ciders and meads. Grape wine, despite the dynamic growth in recent years, still represents less than 1%. A furore arose among the producers over the draft additional note to the Combined Nomenclature, according to which a large part of the manufactured products will be threatened with the reclassification of spirits in terms of excise duty. This draft contains a number of undefined concepts and is written in a very general way creating a huge margin for subjective evaluation and interpretation. The crisis in the production of fermented wine beverages in Europe will certainly have consequences for other Polish industries as well.

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