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It turns out that Polish alcohol consumers recognize brands of this type of alcohol quite well. It is spirits of the whisky category that are most often mentioned and recognized in unaided and aided recall. Despite the fact that there are many brands available on the Polish market, three stand out. The unaided and aided whisky recall are to select the dominant brands on our market.

Johnnie Walker, as in the previous year, is the leader in the Top 5 most recognizable whisky brands. This brand is mentioned by 43% of respondents in the unaided recall. While, the result in the aided recall is over 70%. Jack Daniel’s bourbon, which in the unaided recall gained 27%, was second. The result in the aided recall, however, is very close to the leader. The Ballantine’s brand, which is indicated by every fourth respondent in the unaided recall, was third, and the result of the aided recall is nearly 60%. Jim Beam and Grant’s brands close the TOP 5 list with the unaided recall result of below 20%.

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