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CBM Indicator survey confirms that vodka is a category that is very well recognized. Respondents were asked to indicate the essential characteristics of pure and flavoured vodkas, which influence the purchase of a given brand. When choosing pure vodkas, respondents first of all pay attention to an attractive price (63%), and secondly to high quality (58%). Good flavour is the third most important factor for almost half of consumers. These three factors are also important for consumers of flavoured vodkas, but the order of these factors remains different. And so, for flavoured vodka enthusiasts, flavour counts first, 68% of respondents declare it. The second place is taken by high quality (63%) and the third place is taken by attractive price (58%). Every fourth consumer of pure and flavoured vodkas admits that choosing a favourite brand is a matter of habit. Another factor is the availability of alcohol, which is indicated by approximately one in five respondents.
Packaging of pure and flavoured vodkas is still an insignificant factor in the choice of brand. Only one in four consumers pays attention to the attractiveness of pure vodka packaging.

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