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CBM Indicator studies confirm that vodkas belong to a category that is very well recognized. Vodkas are also the most recognizable beverages among the Polish society. In the unaided recall, Finlandia came first. It is indicated by more than 1/3 of the respondents. Other very often indicated vodka brands in the unaided recall also included: Wyborowa (34%), Żubrówka (33%), Bols (32%) and Soplica (31%). Small differences in percentage points among the most popular brands can be observed in the aided recall. The highest score was given to the Soplica brand, followed by Finlandia. Both brands received more than 70% of the indications. Krupnik was in third place with 69%. The most frequently indicated brand of flavoured vodkas in the unaided recall is Soplica with over 40% of indications. It is also the brand that has achieved the highest score in the aided recall – nearly 60%. Respondents consuming pure vodkas declared that they most often reach for Finlandia (27%). In the case of flavoured vodkas, Soplica (26%) and Finlandia (22%) are the most frequently consumed brands.


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