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Vodka is one of the most frequently chosen alcohol by Poles, ranking second on the podium, right behind the beer. On average, every fourth alcohol purchaser in a small-format store up to 300 m2 puts vodka in the basket. As a result, the category generates more than 8% of the turnover of such stores. A customer can choose from an average of almost 90 variants in a small format store. Vodkas in the smallest volumes are most often purchased. Almost half of the customers of small-format stores decide to buy 90/100 ml bottles and approx. 30% of customers buy 200 ml. In total, small bottles generate approx. 45% of the sales volume. The most popular variants of vodka in small bottles belong to such brands as: Żubrówka Biała, Żytniówka Czysta, Żubr Strong or Cytrynówka Lubelska. In the case of larger volumes, 0.5-litre bottles are most often bought by about 1/5 of customers going to small format shops for this product. The most popular larger bottle variant among Poles is Żubrówka Biała 500 ml, responsible for as much as approx. 14% of the category’s sales volume.


Rynki Alkoholowe 10/2020

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