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Alcohol is the most important FMCG category in terms of sales value in small-format stores up to 300 m2 and in supermarkets of 301-2,500 m2, although its importance for smaller stores is much higher of course. According to CMR data, all types of alcoholic beverages in small-format stores are responsible for 1/4 of turnover and attract customers – beer, vodka, whisky and other alcoholic beverages appear on every third receipt. In supermarkets of ​​301-2,500 m2, alcohols appear on approx.

18% of receipts and account for almost 10% of turnover. In this format of stores, the alcohol offer is of course much wider than in small-format stores. In June 2018, on average, there were over 190 beers variants, 96 table wines, 74 types of flavoured vodkas available there.

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