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Liqueurs and crème liqueurs still enjoy rather a little popularity in our country. The result analysis shows that consumers have a big problem in brand unaided recall. As many as 55% of respondents were not able to answer the question what liqueurs and crème liqueurs they know without a hint in the form of a list of popular products in this category. The most recognizable brand in the aided recall is Advocaat Classic. This liqueur obtained 30% of responds. It is worth mentioning here that Advocaat appears among many producers and distributors on the spirits market, and as a result, consumers may find it difficult associate particular brands. In addition to the traditional Advocaat, respondents also often point to Nalewka Babuni (30%) in the aided recall. Other brands that have received more than 20% of indications include: Pina Colada (24%), Amaretto (23%) and Krupnik Advokat (20%). Worth emphasizing is the recently growing position of the Sheridan’s brand, which is first in the unaided recall with responds close to 10%, and the Bailey’s brand with 5% of responds in the unaided recall.

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