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The CBM Indicator survey shows that the most popular type of sparkling wine in Poland is Prosecco. Its consumption is declared by 73% of respondents in the survey. The most popular buying occasion for sparkling wines are family celebrations: 28% of the respondents buy bubbly wines to celebrate gatherings with friends, while 26% of them purchase them to drink on their own. Only 6% of survey respondents say they buy these beverages as gifts. The best recognisability in the unaided recall test on the sparkling wine market in Poland is that of Martini (28%). The second most frequently mentioned and best-known brand is Dorato (22%), with Sovetskoye Igristoje and Cin&Cin coming in third (15% each). The leader of the aided recall test is the Cin&Cin brand (72%), ahead of Martini and Dorato (61% each). In addition, 40% of those questioned mentioned the brand Sovetskoye Igristoje.


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