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Sparkling wines and champagnes are quite important for the entire wine category. In 2020, in small-format stores of up to 300 m2, sparkling wines accounted for 12% of the turnover generated from the sale of all wines. The leader in the sale of sparkling wines in small-format stores is invariably Ambra (the owner of the Dorato, Piccolo, Cin&cin and MichelAngelo brands) – with nearly 1/3 of the value share in 2020. Other important players in terms of value generated in this period were Bacardi Martini (e.g., Martini) and Henkell Freixenet (e.g., Sovetskoye Igristoje, Mionetto Prosecco, and Raffaello) – both generated around 13% and 11% of the category’s turnover respectively.

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