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Poles still know little about the difference between sparkling wine and champagne. Knowledge of sparkling wines remains at a similar level as in previous years. The best known brand is Dorato, which 15% of respondents spontaneously mentions as the first (Top of Mind). Cin&Cin is in second place, mentioned by 12% of respondents. The best recognized brands of sparkling wines also include: Sowietskoje Igristoje (6%), Martini Prosecco and Carlo Rossi (3% each) and Michelangelo (2% of indications). The majority (62%) of consumers of sparkling wines and champagnes are not limited to one type of alcohol, but prefer products of several other brands that share common characteristics (most often they are: price, quality and flavour). Every fifth person during the survey stated that they usually buy the brand that is sold on the most favourable terms (sales, discounts).

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