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The sale of brandy and cognac is highly concentrated – the largest quantities of this type of spirits in small format stores is sold by Ambra (Pliska and Słoneczny Brzeg brands) – in 2018, its share in the sales volume increased by 9 percentage points to 42%. Stock (Stock 84 and Brandy Original brands) is the vice-leader, which in the discussed period, had about 15% of shares in the sales volume of this category, and CEDC with the Metaxa brand is in third place. It is worth noting that such a large increase in Ambra’s shares last year was at the expense of its two rivals.
Brandy from the former Communist Bloc – Pliska and Słoneczny Brzeg, which in December 2018 could be found on the shelf in 57% and 31% of outlets selling this category (with value shares of 26% and 10% respectively) – is still widely distributed in small format stores. More demanding customers in every third outlet of this format could find Metaxa, which accounted for 18% of sales of this type of spirits.

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