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In the case of low-alcohol ready-made drinks, the best result in the unassisted recall was achieved by Sobieski Impress brand (11%). The remaining RTD brands achieved only a few percentage points, which only proves that it is difficult for consumers to identify them on their own. RTDs achieves much higher results in assisted recalls. Like in unassisted recall, the leader is Sobieski Impress brand, pointed by every fourth respondent. Smirnoff Ice was in second place with a difference of only 1 p.p. (24%). The third place was taken by two brands that achieved the same result: Jack Daniel’s with Coke or Ginger and Bacardi Breezer (18% of indications each). Comparing the analyses from the previous survey, it can be observed that both unassisted and assisted knowledge of RTD brands remains at a similar level in consumer awareness.

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Compared to last year’s survey, cider recognition has increased. This is particularly evident in the results of the assisted recall with brands that had previously reached only a few percentage points. Of course, Cider Lubelski still remains in the leader’s position – every other person can spontaneously identify it. In the unassisted recall, Cider Lubelski has no competition. Few respondents were able to identify the remaining brands on their own. The results of the assisted recall definitely look better. Cider Lubelski remains the leader with 59% of indications. Interestingly, Somersby appears on the second position with 39%, i.e. a beer drink with apple flavour, among other flavours.

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