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The Brewers of Europe, the international association of the largest brewing organisations of the EU Member States (plus the UK, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey) has produced statistics summarising the situation in the beer industry in 2020.
A total of about 387,862 thousand hectolitres of beer was produced in the area of the mentioned Member States in 2020. The earliest data from the reports dates back to 2003, until now there has not been a poorer result... Suffice it to mention that 2018 saw the production of approximately 420,167 thousand hectolitres in the survey area and in 2019 – approximately 416 583 thousand hectolitres. The decline is therefore pronounced.
Germany is still the production leader here with 87,027 thousand hectolitres. Poland remains in second place with 39 066 thousand hectolitres. Spain retained its third position. The result of the country from the Iberian Peninsula is 34,692 thousand hectolitres. However, it is worth adding here that the Spaniards also take non-alcoholic beer and radlers into account in their statistics.

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