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The survey conducted by Instytut Badan Rynkowych i Społecznych (IBRiS) shows that vodka (according to 88% of Poles) and whisky (according to the 82% of the total population) are unquestionably perceived as alcohol. Whereas wine (53%), beer (46%), flavoured beer (35%) and cider (29%). wine (53%), beer (46%), flavoured (35%) and cider (29%) are recognised as alcohol by a considerably smaller percentage of Poles. Poles are also not very aware of the amount of alcohol in a given unit of volume. As many as 63% of respondents claim that there is more pure ethyl alcohol in 50 ml of a glass of vodka than in a half-litre bottle of beer (13%), when in reality in both cases there is a similar amount.

Rynki Alkoholowe 8/2019

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