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As far as the recognition of gin brands is concerned, Gin Lubuski has been the leader for years and is the most deeply rooted gin brand in the consciousness of Polish consumers. Other brands that are well recognizable are: Gordon’s Gin, Stock Gin and Absolwent Gin. However, they do not achieve the brand identification results of the leader.
Consumers have a big problem to point out rum spontaneously. Only a few percent of people were able to name individual brands on their own. Nearly 60% of respondents, in both, unaided and aided recall, could not indicate at least one brand from this category of alcohol. Analysing the results of the aided recall results, the most recognizable brand is Malibu. It was indicated by 43% of consumers. Approximately one in five people pointed to Havana Club or Captain Morgan brand. The most frequently indicated brand by the respondents in the unaided recall was Bacardi (prompted awareness – 9%). The most popular and best recognized brand among Polish consumers is Sierra Tequila.

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