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The results of the analysis of the recognition of mulled wine brands indicate that, in previous years, Grzaniec Galicyjski is a decisive leader among them and as its popularity is growing every year. It is recognized by 40% of consumers in the aided recall. However, almost every fifth respondent can indicate it in the unaided recall, where a respondent names a known brand. The Zbójeckie Grzane brand was in the second position, the popularity of which increased also last year. This wine is recognized by every fourth respondent. However, only 8% of consumers can spontaneously indicate them. Two brands of mulled wine ex aequo are third in brand recognition: Grzane Mnicha and Grzane Staropolskie, which is indicted by more or less every fifth consumer in aided recall. However, spontaneous knowledge of these brands constitue just a few percentage points.


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