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Sales of mulled wine are highly concentrated. The most popular brand for years remains Grzaniec Galicyjski from JNT Group (formerly Jantoń), which also has Zbójeckie Grzane in its offer. This makes the producer the leader in the mulled wine segment. In December 2018, it was responsible for nearly 75% of the value shares in small-format shops, and its products were available in 80% of stores selling mulled wine. Other important players here were Mix and Bartex-Bartol. Consumers in 2018 were less likely to reach for meads. Customers of small-format stores up to 300 m2, where they bought this type of beverage, mostly chose mead Kurpiowski 16% dwójniak 750 ml from Apis (it appeared on 16% of transactions with this category) and mead Piastowski 13% trójniak 750 ml (also Apis).

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