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RTDs have a truly diverse offer when it comes to the choice of flavours. However, the most popular are the citrus fruit flavours indicated by 2/5 of consumers: lime (41%) and lemon (39%). Flavours associated with well-known alcoholic beverages should be distinguished separately. Among them, Mojito (34%), Whisky&Cola (31%), Gin&Tonic and Tequila (24% each) are the most popular. The majority of those who consume low-alcohol RTDs say they mainly buy them when out with friends (41%). In contrast, 27% of respondents admit that they purchase RTDs for their own consumption. Interestingly, 18% of those taking part in the survey said that they buy RTDs for no particular reason. Detailed correlation analyses show that 94% of low-alcohol RTD drinkers choose brands produced in Poland.

Rynki Alkoholowe 7/2021

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