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The 14th Vodka Tasting organised by the “Rynki Alkoholowe” monthly took place in slightly different circumstances this time. Initially, the competition was scheduled for 22 May. However, the coronavirus pandemic rained on our parade. Remote tasting turned out to be the best solution here. The jury received liquor samples marked only with numbers and each of them individually assessed which product deserved a medal most. They then sent their ratings to our editorial office, where the points awarded were counted. The competition was the greatest in the pure vodka category at a price up to PLN 45 per 0.5 l. Ultimately, the winner was Bulbash 6 (distributor: Partner Center Sp. Z o.o.). An unusual situation occurred in the category of pure vodkas at a price over 45 PLN for 0.5 l, because two products obtained the same score. We had no choice but to award two medals here. They were given to Wódka Longinus 40% (Nalewkarnia Longinus) and Wódka Ziemniaczana Podole Wielkie (Podole Wielkie). Walnut liquor from Nalewkarnia Longinus won the category of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits with a very good score. We also decided to award the second medal in the category of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits. It went to Kazbek Peak Aged 5 Years Brandy (Partner Center Sp. z o.o.). As in the previous year, we also awarded a medal in the Packaging Design category. It was given to a bottle of Nemiroff De Luxe vodka (Coca-Cola HBC Poland). Here, of course, the choice was made “explicitly”, i.e. after the tasting part of the competition and after the disclosure of the competing products.

Rynki Alkoholowe 11/2020

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