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The vodka segment can be divided into two categories: pure vodkas and flavoured vodkas. The test of vodka knowledge allowed to indicate the most popular products among the Polish customers. Among the pure vodkas mentioned spontaneously, the highest number of people indicated Finland (38%), which for several years has been the most recognizable vodka brand. Wyborowa (31%) was second in the spontaneous responses. The third place ex aequo was taken by Żubrówka and Bols vodkas, which reached 29% of indications each. In the aided recall, the highest score (68%) was awarded to the Bols brand.

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In the case of flavoured vodkas, the Soplica brand is by far the most important, spontaneously indicated brand with the result of 34%. Finlandia was ranked second and one in five spontaneously indicated by every fifth respondent. In the aided recall, Finlandia is indicated by 52% of respondents. Every second surveyed person also points to Soplica. The following places were occupied by Żołądkowa Gorzka, Krupnik and Żubrówka, which received over 40% of indications.

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