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Lighter and flavoured beer variants have been a hit in small-format shops in recent years. This is clearly visible in the offer range as such products take up almost 1/3 of the shelf space and in beer fridges. In June 2019, customers looking for beers with reduced alcohol content or flavoured additives had a choice of over 35 variants, most of which were Radlers, i.e. beer blends with other beverages.

The share of flavoured beers and Radlers in beer sales also changes during the year – in the warmest months it exceeds 10% of turnover in this category. In 2018, Desperados, Somersby and Warka Radler brands had the largest share in the value of sales of flavoured beers and Radlers (in the last year, non-alcoholic variants of this brand sold better than those with alcohol). Beers with zero alcohol content are the most dynamically growing segment of the market – in 2018, customers of small format stores spent almost 90% more on them than in the previous year. In June 2019, the average store shelf in this format already contained about 13 variants of non-alcoholic beers, and their share in the beer sales value exceeded 5%.


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