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Cognacs and brandies have their fans in different parts of the world. However, as the results of surveys conducted by CBM Indicator show, the awareness of brands of this type of alcoholic beverages is low among Polish consumers. 23% of consumers declared that they had drunk cognacs and brandies in the last year and 14% in the last month. As shown by the results of the aided recall for cognac and brandy brands, the best known are Napoleon (50%) and Metaxa (41%). Above 20% of indications were also given to Calvados (23%), Brandy Stock and Davidoff (23% each), Henessy and Pliska (22% each).

On the other hand, the results of unaided recall show that the cognac and brandy brands are not widely known. As with the aided recall, Napoleon is the leader and known by 16% of consumers. Martell is in the second place (9%), followed by: Hennessy and Pliska (8% each), Metaxa (7%) and Calvados (only 2%).


Rynki Alkoholowe 5-6/2020

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