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The latest CBM Indicator polls indicate that Napoleon is the most recognizable brand among the lovers of cognacs and brandies. This brand can be identified by almost every fifth respondent. Spontaneous knowledge of this spirit reaches nearly 20%, while assisted knowledge almost 60% of indications. It is worth noting that the Napoleon brand has been the leader for several years now. The second place on the ranking list was, as in previous polls, Metaxa, which also has a significant percentage of indications in assisted recall–48%. On the other hand, only 7% of respondents can spontaneously indicate this Greek brandy. It is also worth noting that Hennessy and Martell have the same level of spontaneous knowledge as Metaxa, which means that these brands have their small but faithful group of followers. Stock brandy, which received 46% of indications, also has a high percentage of supported recognition.


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