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The market of flavoured beers and radlers in Poland is dominated by Carlsberg. Grupa Żywiec is in second place. Together they generate value shares of around 70%. Desperados, Somersby, Lech Free or Garage are the brands doing best across the category. RTDs recorded 1% growth in value sales in small format stores up to 300 m2 in Q1 2021, compared to the same period a year earlier. The largest producers are Brown-Forman, MBWS and Stock, which together account for around 80% of the value share in the small-format RTD market. The best selling brands include: Jack Daniel’s (Brown-Forman), Sobieski Impress (MBWS), Jim Beam (Stock) or Bacardi Breezer (Bacardi Martini).
Ciders, on the other hand, declined by 8% in value sales in Q1 2021, compared to last year. Ambra is the sales leader in the category among manufacturers with its value shares accounting for approx. 80% of the entire category. The most popular brand is Cydr Lubelski from this producer.

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