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The 13th Vodka Tasting organized by the “Rynki Alkoholowe” national trade monthly was unique in many respects. It was not an easy task for the jury as 9 companies submitted as many as 21 products to the competition. There were more of them (28) only once in the history, in 2014. For the first time, however, we presented as many as 8 medals! Russian Standard Original from CEDC International Sp. z o.o. turned out to be the best brand in the category of pure vodkas in the price category of up to PLN 50 for 0.7 l. Ostoya from the portfolio of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard won in the pure vodka category within the price range of PLN 50-100 for 0.7 l. Finally, the category of pure vodkas at a price above PLN 100 for 0.7 l. Here the competition was extremely interesting, and the Precious Vodka brand won it eventually. Its manufacturer is Jewel Lines company – so the jewellery project was created with passion for diamonds and other precious stones. Distributor of Precious Vodka in Poland is Ice-Full Sp. z o.o. company.

In the category of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits, the highest number of points was awarded to Dalkowski – Jarzębinowa Vodka (rowan berry vodka) from Henkell & Co. Poland. Among flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits, Elixir from Wild Horseradish won at a price exceeding PLN 50 per 0.5 l. It is a limited-edition product created for Good Food Concept Sp. z o.o. s. k.
What to do if we have a perfect product and it loses the medal “by inches” to an even better one? The “Happy Winner” formula gives an extra chance. We decided to award the medals also to the highest rated products from among pure vodkas and flavoured products (without dividing them into price categories), excluding the previous winners from this classification. The principle is simple, transparent and in some way the most fair. And so the extra medal went to Nerpa Baikal Vodka (Jupiter Spirits Company, distributor: Ice-Full Sp. z o.o.) – a pure vodka, which competed in the price category of PLN 50-100 for 0.7 l. The second “Happy Winner” was Nalewka z Orzecha Włoskiego (walnut liquor) (Nalewkarnia Longinus), which competed among the group of flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirits at a price exceeding PLN 50 for 0.5 l.

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