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Liqueurs, crème liqueurs and bitters are still a niche segment of alcohols in terms of market shares. Even in the key Christmas season for this category, the sales value shares of all spirits do not exceed 1% similarly to strong spirits, this group is characterised by high sales seasonality related to the Christmas time. Most transactions with liqueurs in small-format stores of up to 300 m2 are in December, just before Christmas. The second sales peak is the week before Easter, significantly influenced by the increased sales of Advocaats, the monthly sales of which in the Easter month reaches even 100%. Jägermeister (CEDC) is the leader in the liqueur sales value in small-format stores up to 300 m2 during the holiday season – about 19%. During Easter, as compared to the remaining months, Advocaats gain higher market shares, similarly to Sheridan’s liqueur which has 15% of market shares during this period.

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The vodka segment can be divided into two categories: pure vodkas and flavoured vodkas. The test of vodka knowledge allowed to indicate the most popular products among the Polish customers. Among the pure vodkas mentioned spontaneously, the highest number of people indicated Finland (38%), which for several years has been the most recognizable vodka brand. Wyborowa (31%) was second in the spontaneous responses. The third place ex aequo was taken by Żubrówka and Bols vodkas, which reached 29% of indications each. In the aided recall, the highest score (68%) was awarded to the Bols brand.

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In the case of flavoured vodkas, the Soplica brand is by far the most important, spontaneously indicated brand with the result of 34%. Finlandia was ranked second and one in five spontaneously indicated by every fifth respondent. In the aided recall, Finlandia is indicated by 52% of respondents. Every second surveyed person also points to Soplica. The following places were occupied by Żołądkowa Gorzka, Krupnik and Żubrówka, which received over 40% of indications.

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On Friday, 24 May 2019, the 13th edition of the Vodka Tasting organized by the “Rynki Alkoholowe” monthly will take place in Toruń. Professional and independent jurors will once again assess the samples submitted in the pure vodkas as well as flavoured vodkas and spirits categories. The winners will be awarded medals. The editors of the “Rynki Alkoholowe” monthly magazine have been organising the Vodka Tasting since 2006. This is the first recurring and independent event of this kind taking place in our country. It is also the only “blind” contest of this kind, where the jury does not know what vodkas they taste. What counts is the looks, aroma and, above all, the flavour of the product. Flavoured vodkas and spirits are also being assessed here since 2014. Participation in the Vodka Tasting is a great opportunity to evaluate and confront your own products with the competition, face other brands in the market, and winning the competition is prestige and excellent promotion. Lidia Potwardowska provides any additional information about this event (tel. 607 842 864, e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.).

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Vodka is responsible for almost 9% of the turnover in stores up to 300 m2. The sale of vodkas in small-format stores is dominated by two companies – CEDC and Stock. In 2017, they were jointly responsible for 75% of the sales value and volume of the category. Throughout 2017, CEDC controlled more than 40% of the sales value of pure vodkas and similar shares in the sales value of flavoured vodkas. In 2017, Stock remained the market leader in the flavoured vodka segment, although it systematically loses shares to CEDC.

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Germany is considered the capital of mulled wine. Every year, approx. 50 million litres of this beverage is consumed there, thus it is a very important part of the German wine market. In German-speaking countries, the consumption of mulled wine remains inextricably linked to numerous Christmas fairs. As  research shows, it is not the purchase of gifts that is the main purpose of visitors – 59% of people declare that they participate in them because of the food and drinks that they can consume there. Mulled wine is the main one.

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